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    Wedding cakes 2020!!!

          Nowadays, it is not a secret there are millions of ideas, designs and offers as for choosing the best, delicious and unforgettable design wedding cakes. But how to make the right choice!!! The more options we have the harder is the choice!!! But we are ready to give you some very useful tips which will guide you to the right way and your wedding will be gorgeous.       Number 1- wedding dress cake                       Wedding dress cakes are always impressive!!! If you ask a cake designer to make a cake which will look like your…

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    Rustic style in Weddings

    Wedding decoration ideas!   Nowadays, the rustic style of a wedding is becoming popular. Some people say it’s so simple and looks not so bright but others believe that rustic style is always unpredictable, original and awesome!!!   If you want to organize a wedding using natural and non-toxic material this style will be the best choice ever!!! You don’t need to do everything yourself there are many rustic décor rentals that will help you to make the right design and decision. Rustic décor rentals are very common now because you can order the things and details which are necessary for your wedding and then give it back. And it…

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    Outdoor Fall Wedding Ideas for Your Wedding

    When considering an outdoor wedding, images of majestic mountains or pristine sandy beaches, often come to mind. Regardless of the location of your outdoor wedding, the outdoors also opens up many unique and creative wedding ideas. You’ll have both the natural exhilaration of an outdoor setting, combined with the beauty of a wedding, to create vivid memories for you and your guests. Get the best ideas for a spring wedding in the great outdoors, from the theme, decor, flowers​, and more.