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Nowadays, the rustic style of a wedding is becoming popular. Some people say it’s so simple and looks not so bright but others believe that rustic style is always unpredictable, original and awesome!!!

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If you want to organize a wedding using natural and non-toxic material this style will be the best choice ever!!! You don’t need to do everything yourself there are many rustic décor rentals that will help you to make the right design and decision. Rustic décor rentals are very common now because you can order the things and details which are necessary for your wedding and then give it back. And it is not so expensive as traditional ones.

I find it inspiring how such simple, everyday pieces could be made into beautiful and rustic wedding decorations.


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What is interesting -you can use at first sight unnecessary things in such a unique way that your guests will be pleasantly shocked!!! Here are some brilliant ideas which make you be impressed by the extravagant simplicity.

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